O5 – eCourse. Online course introducing the Virtual Stage method for the development of distance learning in opera

Participants will learn how to use distance learning by adapting it to singing and instrumental techniques and to opera disciplines.

The aim is to explain the importance and infinite potential of new digital technologies in training, competitions, rehearsals, selections and performance preparation.

The course will be structured in a series of 20 “one-hour online lessons”; each lesson will deal with a different aspect of learning technical skills, key competences or transversal competences, exploring the various possibilities of disseminating and using digital materials for training and work purposes.

The main thematic areas developed in the online lessons will be:

  1. digital music training. Opera Macro Area. Practical advantages and effectiveness of distance learning applied to the musical field (6 lessons);
  2. music and multimedia tools. Opera Macro Area. Basic instructions on video and audio recording techniques, use of software and audio and video editing programmes (6 lessons);
  3. music and multimedia tools. and video editing software and programmes (6 lessons);
  4. internationalisation and distance promotion. Macroarea opera theatre. Use of programmes, databases and international social networks and exploitation of their possibilities for the diffusion of musical material, elements of intercultural communication specific to the sector (2 lessons).

The eCourse will contain the intellectual results of the project, in particular the guidelines that will constitute its main reference content.