Welcome to the Virtual Stage Repository!

What is the repository?

The Virtual Stage repository is a repertoire of tools and materials that trainers can use to put into practice the teaching methodologies developed in the project.
The database only gathers resources that are available on the web for free or, at least, have a free licence option.

How is it organised?

The resources collected have been grouped into categories. For each category, an explanation (How to use) is offered on how the tools belonging to it can be used in professional training.
A short descriptive tab was then created for each resource.

How to consult the repository?
The repository can be consulted following two different procedures:

  • Navigation – by scrolling through the index and clicking on the category you are interested in, you will see the in-depth How to use and all the resources pertaining to that category. By clicking on the individual resources, you will then be able to access the relevant tabs.
  • Search – by typing the name of the resource you are interested in into the “Search” bar, you will be able to access the relevant tab.

For specific insights into how certain categories of resources can be used effectively in training, and for application examples, please consult the other outputs of the Virtual Stage project: the analysis of the state of the art in the sector (output 1), the guidelines (output 2 and 3) and the online courses (output 5).

How can you contribute to this project?

Do you know any resources that you think could be included in our repository? Submit your proposal and we will evaluate it!